adapt-able - support services for sustainable enterprises, including group facilitation, writing, research, web development, event design, event planning, and logistics

Helping sustainably-minded organizations tell their stories more compellingly,
collaborate more effectively, and achieve better outcomes.


Convening People To Generate Solutions to Common Problems

  • Event Design
    • Tailoring and carefully timing out complex meeting and conference agendas
    • Event planning with teams or individuals (including facilitating planning meetings and calls)
    • Ensuring the full utilization of participants’ collective knowledge and talents
    • Designing events to ensure that their proceedings will provide fresh, compelling, easy-to-capture content
    • Making sure that clear next steps are laid out, and people given authority and accountability to execute them
  • Logistics for complex events
    • Securing food, meeting spaces, accommodations and equipment at discounted rates for both large and small groups
    • Coordinating and planning logistics with event teams, presenters, and host organizations
    • Engaging other facilitators and support staff to carry out simultaneous meetings and sessions
    • Coordinating and executing on-site facilitation, notation and content-capture services

Coordinating Collective Impact Networks to Carry Out Region-Wide Campaigns

    • Coordinating and organizing collaborative work, through calls, electronic communications, information sessions, and retreats, to:
      • Share new and updated knowledge with influencers and anchor organizations
      • Concretize common definitions and clarify key differences in perspective
      • Generate a shared and holistic analysis of the issues and opportunities at hand
      • Set ambitious but achievable common goals,
      • And lay out agree-upon next steps, including defining those in charge of carrying them out
    • Coordinating and managing efforts of working groups, project teams, and committees
    • Managing the work and expectations of people at all levels, from high-level executives to line level employees
    • Acting as intermediary/ neutral party during planning meetings, retreats, and other complex ideation and negotiation processes
    • Collecting data and reporting out to both funders and practitioners to ensure continuous improvement

Managing Complex Group Projects

    • Managing and planning group and individual projects with complex, multi-layered task lists and timelines
    • Leading and/or being a supporting member of cross-disciplinary teams
    • Coordinating operations, divvying up responsibilities, and working as part of a team in high-stress, time-sensitive environments

Multi-Media Storytelling

    • Lead-editing, copy-writing, and content management for both print and web media
    • Storyboarding, scripting, shooting and producing videos
    • Social media and socially-driven storytelling, including coordinating production of crowd-sourced video in multiple languages
    • Surveys and other outreach to gather in broad-ranging ideas and opinions about key issues
    • Web development and blogging – see portfolio for example sites

Pattern-Finding and Information Correlation

Silo-busting, pattern-weaving analytical and creative work, drawing from the collective input gathered through meetings, surveys, and convenings, as well as my own constant learning and broad existing background, including years of work and study in/around:

  • Sustainable Economic Development
    • Value chain development
    • Local economies
    • Entrepreneurial support systems
    • Technology’s role in economic development
    • Specific tools and techniques for rural economic development,
    • Participatory development
    • Balancing economic, social, and environmental impacts
    • Measuring non-economic/non-monetary impacts
  • Food systems
    • Local food market channels and support services
    • Intermediated food supply chains
    • Retail food sales, including restaurants and the fine foods industry
    • Sustainable packaging
    • Food waste reduction
    • Water impacts of food production and processing
    • Embodied energy and transport costs in food systems
  • Renewable Energy
    • Finance and tax incentives for renewables
    • Renewable energy technologies, including PV, solar thermal heating and cooling, and small and large-scale wind
    • Social, economic, and environmental factors supporting renewables

For more information, or to schedule a call to talk through your project or needs, contact Noah, adapt-able’s founder.